EEMA Conference 2019

This year’s EEMA conference will be held in Budapest at the Hotel Benczur from 25-27 November.  The subject we will be discussing is:

Diaspora, Empire and the Gospel – uncovering the minority church in Europe

In recent decades many millions of people have come to Europe from all over the world and established minority churches.  Meanwhile ethnic Europeans have migrated within the continent and planted churches which often reflect their own culture more than the host culture.  We will be investigating this phenomenon and asking how these churches navigate between becoming assimilated by the host culture, remaining isolated outposts of their culture of origin or endeavour to develop a ‘kingdom’ culture that transcends both.

We will aim to provoke theological reflection on diaspora mission, listen to and learn from lived narratives, lead toward an action plan to further develop our understanding and provide tools/outputs to further develop diaspora ministry in the future.

Our speakers will be announced by the end of June.  Registrations will open nearer the tinme, but in the meantime please get the dates in your diary!  More details to follow!