EEA Hope for Europe

EEMA is pleased that we were able to support the EEA Hope for Europe conference in October 2018 by co-ordinating the missions track.

Our main theme was: How can we inspire Europe with a global vision?  Many of you will be aware of the huge need for domestic and cross-cultural mission in Europe, which can so easily cause us to take our eyes off the need for mission in other continents.  We covered topics such as:

• Inspiring ‘hard places’ mission
• Inspiring integral mission
• Inspiring humble mission

Our speakers included Rosalee Velloso Ewell (Redcliffe College) and Eddie Arthur (Wycliffe Bible Translators) and the track will be facilitated by Wolfgang Büsing (AEM-Deutschland) and Jan Wessels (Faith2Share).

You can read a report on the track by clicking here.